Friday, 30 January 2009

Pleasurama update

Work has started to anchor the lose bit of the cliff façade behind where the new development is going, it took a few pictures down there yesterday click here to view.

I have had confirmation from the head of the planning department that as the road has been built, this is seen as the development having started, so although nothing has actually started on the building the planning permission doesn’t and will never expire click here to read the email and my reply to him in red.

I took some more pictures of the arches under the access road down there, some of the read house bricks that form part of the construction actually crumble between your fingers, these arches have a 40 tonne weight limit on them click here to look at the pictures.

The latest Pleasurama plans still haven’t appeared on the government planning website, which makes a bit of a joke of the public consultation we were promised here in Ramsgate.

However what I find of the greatest concern was that the road layout continued to be built despite the environment agency’s strong recommendation for a flood risk assessment.


Tony said...

Keep up the good work Michael, I trust you will have someone with you if the meeting takes place, always worthwhile having someone trustworthy to back you on whats been stated.

B or Birchington said...

I have one question really. The planners, architects etc, how long have they lived near the sea?
I wasn't born here but have lived in Thanet from Westbrook to Cliftonville to Ramsgate and finally to Birchington, including some sea fronts for 63 years and have witnessed what the sea can do. Have they?

Michael Child said...

Tony I am afraid it doesn’t work like that here a lot of councillors and council officers, for that matter other well known people come in the shop, unless the introduce themselves we leave them alone.

Those who drop in for a chat get a confidential chat, unless they say otherwise, of course everyone knows that if they email me and don’t mark it as confidential I may well publish it on web as I have been since 2004.

B The new builder is a local firm with a good track record so I have some hopes.