Monday, 24 August 2009

August 24th 1940 a day for Ramsgate to remember.

Today is the anniversary of the worst of Ramsgate’s raids during World War 2, I publish a book about this I have published most of its content on the internet click her to look at it, since the book was published there have been a few additions and corrections which would not have been easy to convert into web pages, the web page I have published comes from the original uncorrected file.

When Ramsgate suffered its first air raids during the First World War, what stands out from all of the accounts is how shocked local people were that the ordinary civilians in the town were being targeted and killed by the enemy’s armed forces.

By 1940 Ramsgate’s mayor and corporation under the technical supervision of the borough engineer Dick Brimmel had made preparations from the lessons we learnt.

During the Second World War although Ramsgate was heavily bombed again civilian casualties were kept to a minimum because we had the most comprehensive civilian tunnel shelter system in the country.

RAMSGATE SATURDAY 24th AUGUST. 1940 A collection of contemporary pictures and newspaper articles Edited By D. T. Richards click here to buy the book

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I remember Camden Square in the early 70s was a bomb site carpark and many houses around it were still boarded up.