Friday, 24 November 2017

Belgian Café, Ramsgate Harbour Illuminations photos and some old Margate pictures

We ate in the Belgian café and walked around the harbour taking a few snaps this evening, here are the links to the photos on my camera card (publishing at the moment so may take a little while)

here it the link to the books we put out in the bookshop today

Some old Margate pictures

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Some thought on old local prints, painting, Margate, WC and shops

I bought a few local pictures today’ they were all framed and I have just taken a few snaps of some of them with my phone. The quality won’t be good as the glass gets in the way.
I think this one is a watercolour, probably done between 1950 and 1980 attempting depict Ramsgate in the 1800s and based on looking at older pictures. 

this one says on the back that it was guaranteed to be over 100 years old in 1973, which is when I assume it was cut out of an old guide book, hand coloured and framed. 

With this one the firm that cut the print out was good enough to stick the relevant page from the guide book on the back and put their name to their guarantee.  

This one I think has come from London Illustrated News, partly because of the size 

Having bought the pictures and some local history books I went off to do some Christmas shopping at Westwood. I don’t go to the out of town shops very often and as this was mostly stocking filler shopping it was the cheaper gifty shops I went to. There are several of these at WC mostly fairly recently opened, as big shops go they didn’t seem to be very busy, and probably no as busy as the same shops would have been were they in Ramsgate town.

 On to The Greedy Cow in Margate, where they do a named tea (P.G. Tips) and a good light lunch. I strongly recommend the Greedy Cow which has a good relaxed atmosphere

 I did a quick sketch out of the window

I think after a few attempts I could probably sketch Margate Museum in watercolour so that most people who knew it could recognise it.

a few Margate Old Town photos mostly out of the window, this is the link to them

This is the link to the photos of the books that we put on the shelves yesterday 

A new shop about to open here in King Street Ramsgate, which is becoming more multi-cultured, something that makes it more pleasant.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

A bit of a ramble about Manston, Ramsgate Maritime Museum and watercolour painting

The pictures of Ramsgate should enlarge if you click on them
At the moment i am focused on the maritime museum, clockhouse wosisname
this is pretty much because I periodically have breakfast in in Wetherspoons and paint the view above out the window there.
this morning it was this painting I was doing
I painted some of the houses on the cliff top from the left and this morning some from the right, the issue being. Will they join up in the middle?

Fancy guessing the date of this picture?

Anyway I suppose you know that Thanet has two MPs and that one of the MPs Sir Roger Gale has what they call a safe seat, well it seems this is ll going to change and maybe at the next general election Thanet may only have one MP and the seat may not be a safe one.

Nothing to do with this at all, but today Roger seems to have announced further Manston DCO delays due to his concerns about people living under the flight path of the airfreight hub. I do hope there wasn't any investment in RSP involved.

It's a funny old world.
Note the broken and missing slates on the clockhouse maritime museum wosisname

note the possible cause.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Some old Ramsgate picture for your enjoyment and a bit of a ramble

 The pictures should all expand if you click on them, I have been busy at work in the bookshop and didn’t manage to get out today so no out and about photos. 
 We have bought several collections of books recently, railways, motorcycles and engineering, so a lot to price everyday at the moment, here is the link to the photos of today’s

Monday, 20 November 2017

Some thoughts on Pleasurama and a few old photos of Ramsgate.

We are getting another round of the Pleasurama development will start which is always interesting, although whether interesting in the sense of the curse. "May you live in interesting times." Well a bit of a moot point there.    
 My take on the Peasurama development if built to the various existing plans that the council says have a valid planing consent is :-

1 I don't really think anyone knows just how high the development would be when built out relative to the cliff top where Wellington Gardens is.

I have asked questions like. When standing by the bandstand will it be possible to see the horizon? and have never had adaquate answers, either from the various developers or the council.

2 I don't think it would be easy to deal with the cliff wall with the building so close to it. To expand on the the concrete cliff wall is between 80 and 40 years old, different parts built mostly after different cliff falls and some of it not as thick as it should be according to the main survey.

The major survey report 2005 concluded that the structure had a short serviceable life and needed urgent repairs due to visible defects, since then there have been two lots of repairs.

Essentially the cliff wall will have to be replaced before any new development wears out and the cost of doing this in the very narrow gap between the cliff and the development would be very large and paid for by TDC i.e. us. Here is the link to the survey

3 The site is designated a high risk flood zone by the Environment agency. It is made up of the old beach that once reached all the way from the sea to the cliff, when the tunnel was dug the chalk spoil was heaped on the beach to raise the level for the station.

The henge like posts that the developer has already put there to support the development are supported by concrete pads sitting on the old beach and the sea defence that holds all this in place dates from 1860.

The Environment Agency wrote to the council and the developer recommending a safety assessment, this is a link to their letter

I would think it would be very hard to get a mortgage to buy one of the apartments without this fra wosisname.
Here in the bookshop we put some more books on the shelves. This is the link to them

Friday, 17 November 2017

Out and about in Ramsgate photos, a new option for Manston and a new hoarding for Pleasurama.

First a few old Ramsgate pictures, click on to expand

Just a page form an album I have probably used before

Here is th elink to today’s out and about in Ramsgate photos

With Manston the options now appear to be.

1 Saving the airport that we once had – the problem here is partly the one we had when? And that there seem to be no viable takers.

2 Building an airfreight hub – I think the problem here is that the resultant air pollution would kill a few thousand people mostly in Broadstairs and be very disruptive on the noise front in Ramsgate.

3 An aviation heritage tourist attraction focused on the two existing museums and using a large proportion of the existing runway – I am yet to work out the problems.

Some new Manson DCO documents on the pins website here are the links to the two significant ones

Pleasurama. The people replacing the site hoarding say the are contractors and their contract is with The Ramsgate Development Company – the know of no plans to to start work on the site.

Here is the link to the books that have just gone out in the bookshop