Sunday, 10 December 2017

Ramsgate Eastcliff Launching Margate Lifeboat and so on.

Something that I don't understand is why Margate Lifeboat can't have some sort of launching jetty like it used to have.

 I know a lot got washed away in the 1953 storm, but with modern building materials it should be possible.

 Recently someone told me that the old (previous to the one we have now) bandstand was moved along the Eastcliff - east? well at least towards Broadstairs, in front of the Granville

I think these photos are pretty conclusive, two different bandstands.

I have been at what can loosely be described as shopfitting in the bookshop, this weekend which basically boils down to making a few more bookcases as there are never enough.

Here is the link to the books that went out yesterday  

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Christmas Decorations Ramsgate in Ramsgate 2017 and Ramsgate illuminations gay set-piece called "Alfie and the Fountain"

Here in the bookshop we have been putting up the Christmas decorations

The ones in Ramsgate town centre are looking pretty good

But of course the real attraction is the lights on the boats in the harbour.

I went out last night with the intention of photographing the Christmas lights on the boats in the harbour, I couldn’t do the lights justice with a photograph and am wondering if I will have to use special camera equipment.

Here is the link to the pictures on my camera card and it’s  case of I tried and will have another go.  

On to Alfie and the 1950s Ramsgate Festival of Light

Thursday, 7 December 2017

some old photos of Ramsgate, Margate, Broadstairs Herne Bay

 I found this "nothing was delivered" postcard among some Ramsgate postcards and nearly left it behind, but I suppose you know how it is.

Margate seems to have had two lifeboats called Quiver
1866–1883 Self-Righter Quiver No. 1 (1)
1883–1898 37ft Self-Righter ON 265 Quiver No. 1 (2)
 1897 storm damage

 Margate Tudor House 
This is the link to the pictures of the books that went out in the bookshop yesterday

 Another busman’s holiday today, we bought some books for the bookshop in Herne Bay and some wood for more shelving in the bookshop from Burbridge’s wood yard in Pysons Road Ramsgate.

Lunch in Wetherspoons in Herne Bay

I did a bit more to my sketch of Herne Bay Clocktower through Wetherspoons window, a bit of a spot the difference, and it includes gold watercolour paint which I expect is in bad taste.
I have just realised that this one isn't a photo but a print of a drawing with a gloss on it to make it look like a photo so it probably dates from around 1870.

 The clocktower is one of the earliest dating from around 1840

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

How do you rate Thanet Council services? Some old local pictures and a few thoughts.

The results of the council’s survey have just been published and here is the link to them

My own take on the council is mostly that the word local and district has been used to cover the reality that when you have two rival towns like Ramsgate and Margate one should never be the seat of government for the other.

To look at this another way Sainsbury and Tesco are two rival supermarkets and this for the most part produces healthy competition, however if the were to remain rivals and Sainsburys was to be run from Tescos head office under the pretence that this would make no difference to Sainsburys effectiveness as a business, I think anyone working at Sainsburys would be a bit worried about their job security.  

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Some old pictures of Margate Sundeck and Ramsgate

I think Margate Sundeck aka Pavilion became derelict at some time in the 80s I remember it having danger signs on it and then being demolished. Any idea what happened?

work wise some books went out in the bookshop and this is the link to the pictures of them 

Monday, 4 December 2017

Manston DCO update and some old pictures of Ramsgate and Margate

With the Manston Airport site, the position is a bit difficult to follow if you don’t know the background, but roughly speaking the main plan on the table is the one the site owners have. Thousands of homes and jobs, heritage aviation including runway, schools, doctor’s surgery and lots of leisure facilities.

It seems likely that the site’s owners would deliver as they did with Sandwich Discovery Park. Here is the link to their website

There is also a secondary plan fronted by an investment agency called RiverOak and they want to build an airfreight hub on the site. Obviously they don’t own the site and the site owners don’t want to sell it and having tried various ways of getting hold of the site are trying for a DCO Development Consent Order, which would mean the government forcing the current owners to sell the site to RiverOak.

Anyway for those following this saga the government have just published some more documents including this one, the appendix at the end seems to show why the DCO has been delayed again. Here is the link to it

Should you want to read the other recent documents here is the link

With all of the Manston DCO stuff, it’s long and complicated reading, which I will do in the fulness of time and try to write something as a result. In a general sense though, at the moment it still looks like the pollution from the fuel burn a viable airfreight hub would generate would kill too many local people and the noise compensation would be too expensive.

 This is the lift at The Lido Cliftonville Margate

 Not sure of the location with this one I think all the rest are pretty obvious