Friday, 19 January 2018

Mostly Ramsgate and Margate local government, historic photos that is.

 I have to admit to not having a clue what to say about the rejection of the local plan and so I put up the photos instead.

This is the link to the books that wen out today

Nikon Coolpix P90 test photos today in Ramsgate

I took my new secondhand camera out for a short time after lunch as the sun was out as I think I have pretty much mastered putting it on infinity while on auto.

This involves having the dial on top on auto and pressing the button on the back with the macro (small flower) symbol on it, which gives you a menu of, Auto Focus, Macro and Infinity. I’m a bit hazy about when this goes back to AF on its own or if it stays on infinity until you turn it off, I don’t think it does. 
 When I bunged the card in the computer some of the the pictures I had just taken (from King St and Harbour St seemed to be missing) this first one is from Harbour Parade
 An into the sun shot there too, to see what happens
 This is no zoom and you can see the gull, zoom victim on Pizza Express
 2 zoom shots hand held, camera on infinity focus wise

 the lion on the Queens Head next

 a bit hard to hols it still with this much zoom on, but as you can see the image stabilisation wosisname works fairly ok

 next the statue on the Pav
 One fuzzy and one sharp

 take my word for it there is a fishing boat on the horizon

 an issue with this sort of zoom is atmospheric distortion

 the picture above is no zoom the one below just enough to show there are ships on the horizon

 to be fair you couldn't really be certain this was a ship whit the naked eye

 the tower of the Ganville from the harbour wall picture above, no zoom

 I then realised there was more than one ship out there